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Become a part of a growing technology community that is accelerating Arizona’s global impact.

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Our Members

Our member community is eager to connect with you and is made up of a diverse group of tech companies, service providers, government entities, non-profits and educational institutions.

Engage, learn, network and grow with the Council.

No matter where you work or what your role is, the Council provides an opportunity for professionals at all levels to engage, learn, network and grow. View the Council’s 2024 Membership Collateral for more details on member benefits.

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Member Perks


The Council hosts 100 in-person and virtual events every year, covering topics like cybersecurity, smart cities and IoT, med-tech and optics & photonics.

Association Health Plan

The Council partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to offer an association health care plan so growing companies can focus on what they do best: innovation.

401(k) Multiple Employer Plan

In partnership with Empower and UBS Institutional Consulting Group, the Council offers members a 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan to eliminate your administrative burdens.

Discounted Tuition Rates

The Council partners with several in-state universities to offer member company employees with discounted access to educational programs that help them upskill or reskill.


As a Council member, you can participate in our many committees ranging from our Public Policy Committee to our Tech Inclusion Forum and Women in the Workforce committees.

Preferred Business Partners

Looking for discounts on products and services? The Council has your back. You can enjoy services like print media and publishing or data destruction at a fraction of the price.

Public Policy Advocacy

Through the Council, you can help advocate for policies and issues that are important to Arizona’s technology sector at the federal, state and local levels.

Marketing and Promotional Support

Consider the Council an extension of your PR firm. We are happy to celebrate and amplify your wins through our email newsletters, tech blog and social media channels.

Membership Options

Industry Membership

The Industry Membership is a perfect fit for organizations that provide or develop technology products. Annual membership dues range depending on the number of full-time employees your organization has in Arizona.

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Associate Membership

The Associate Membership was designed for organizations that provide support services or products to tech companies. Annual membership dues range depending on the number of full-time employees your organization has in Arizona.

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Government/Non-Profit/Academic Membership

The Government/Non-Profit/Academic Membership was designed for government entities, non-profits and educational institutions. Annual membership dues range depending on the number of full-time employees your organization has in Arizona.

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Shiwani Sandhu

“There are so many reasons that Gen Z and Gen Alpha and all the generations coming after me should join communities like the Council. Joining a community like this gives you the opportunity to collaborate with people in person and grow your communication and networking skills. It’s important for young people to come together and be the change we want to see.”

Shiwani Sandhu | Senior Manager - Business Solutions, Per Scholas

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