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Solarize at Work with SmartPower

The Arizona Technology Council is proud to announce an exciting opportunity for our members. Through a new partnership with the national non-profit organization SmartPower, member companies can now take part in “Solarize at Work”.


What is Solarize at Work?

Solarize at Work is a company-wide and company-branded, 20-week online and in-house, residential solar campaign designed to educate and motivate your employees to be sustainable and go solar.

Brian F. Keane

“Think of Solarize at Work as another employee benefit that employers can offer in addition to a great health care package and a generous salary. Now, employers can set a strong example of sustainable living and encourage their workers to take advantage of below-market solar prices at $0 down financing for residential solar. We look forward to extending this program offering for Council member company employees.”

Brian F. Keane | President of SmartPower

The Benefits of Solarize at Work

The Solarize at Work program is a powerful way for your company to:

  • Enhance its relationship with your employees
  • Help with your employee recruitment
  • Show your commitment to sustainability and
  • Advance your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals

This program simplifies the often-confusing process of going solar while enabling employees to save money on their energy costs while lowering their personal carbon footprint.

Steven G. Zylstra

“Clean energy and energy efficiency have long been priorities of the Council’s. By partnering with SmartPower to offer Solarize at Work to Council member company employees, we are dramatically capitalizing on Arizona’s most abundant natural resource and positioning Council member companies and their employees as local leaders in clean and renewable energy.”

Steven G. Zylstra | President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council

So many of you already offer great employee benefits, like paid vacations, health care, PTO and competitive salaries. And now, your company can offer solar power for your employees’ homes as another great employee benefit.

Of course, your company isn’t buying solar power for your employees. Rather, the program gives your employees all the tools they need to make a smart decision for their homes and families. So, let’s Solarize your company!

Contact Brian F. Keane, President of SmartPower, at [email protected] to learn more about Solarize at Work and how your company can adopt this program for your employees.


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