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Cybersecurity Committee

Mission: To strengthen the cybersecurity of Arizona’s technology industry. The AZTC Cybersecurity Committee serves as a platform for information security professionals to share best practices and for technology companies that lack their own chief information security officer to seek guidance on what is required to strengthen their digital defenses. By sharing knowledge and experience, we enhance the cybersecurity of Arizona’s technology companies. The committee exists to help the members of the Arizona Technology Council learn about the threats and the appropriate responses. Add your expertise to ours and learn from our experts.

Committee Co-Chairs: Frank J. Grimmelmann, President & CEO of Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance, Inc. (ACTRA), and Mark Kirstein

Staff Liaisons: Ron Schott, Executive Emeritus, Arizona Technology Council, and Deborah Zack, Vice President of Membership Services, Arizona Technology Council

This committee is open to employees of member companies based anywhere in the state of Arizona. For information about joining the Council’s Cybersecurity Committee, please email Ron Schott at [email protected] or Deborah Zack at [email protected].