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CEO Network


The Arizona Technology Council is committed to equipping technology company CEOs with the resources, network and support they need to lead with purpose and confidence. We understand that your leadership has a profound impact on your business’s key results and outcomes, so we have worked hard to offer a forum where you can prioritize your personal and professional growth in a safe space that encourages you, challenges you and is invested in your success and well-being.

Meeting once a month in person for a half day, the Council’s CEO Networks in Phoenix and Tucson are designed to help CEO Networking grow their leadership, recognize their big wins, share their most frustrating obstacles and problem solve with other CEOs who experiencing similar highs and lows on their leadership journeys.


The Council has launched its Phoenix-based CEO Network for 2024! For just $1,500 annually, CEOs convene once a month for a half day in central Phoenix to follow the Vistage model of executive coaching and peer advisory. This opportunity is available on an application basis for any CEOs or executive network group who lead technology companies. We are not accepting service-provider CEOs at this time.

Not a CEO but interested in this networking opportunity? If we receive enough interest, the Council is open to creating additional peer-to-peer networks for other company leadership positions (think CIO, CISO, CMO, start-ups, etc).

We are committed to equipping industry member technology company leaders with the resources, network and support they need to lead with purpose and confidence. Join us!

APPLY FOR THE PHOENIX CEO NETWORK. To learn more, please email Darryle Emerson at [email protected].


The Council’s Tucson CEO Network brings senior business leaders together in a comfortable and confidential atmosphere to discuss business issues specific to the aerospace and defense industry in Southern Arizona and Arizona as a whole. These executives share valuable experience, insights, and advice with other members of the group. CEO Networking meetings are held on a rotating basis at member companies, where tours are conducted, and best practices are highlighted. In addition, speakers from government, industry, academia, and other industries make presentations to the CEO Networking group at monthly meetings.

2022 Members:

  • Mary Bailey, Rincon Research
  • Shubhayu Chakraborty, CIS Global
  • Paul DeHerrera, Innovative Avionics
  • Robert Futch, Delta Development Team
  • Stephen Fleming, Center for Quantum Networks
  • Callie Groth, BlackBar Engineering
  • Dennis Kenman, Tucson Embedded Systems
  • Patrick Marcus, Marcus Engineering
  • Alex Rodriguez, FreeFall 5G
  • Marilyn Speert, TMM Precision
  • Howard Stewart, AGM Container Controls
  • Austin Yamada, The University of Arizona Applied Research Corporation
  • Darrel Yarbrough, Yarbrough Electronic Sales

To learn more, please email Karla Morales at [email protected].


Important Notice


Although important relationships are often forged within the executive network groups, the CEO Networking is not “a lead” or networking group, nor is it intended for members whose companies are in a turnaround situation.