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UBS Financial: Global financial advice and expertise that matters

As a member of the Arizona Technology Council, you now have access to employer plans with reduced fiduciary liability with UBS Financial. By joining the Arizona Technology Council 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan, you can provide an outstanding retirement plan, save money, reduce your fiduciary liability and spend less time on administrative tasks. Savings with the AZTC 401k often equates to 30-60% savings over having your own 401k!

For questions or more information on employer plans with reduced fiduciary liability, contact Michael DeGrazia at [email protected] or 602-957-5126. Learn about the plan in this video.

UBS Financial provides expertise to grow your businesses, manage risks and invest for the future

Individuals around the world look to UBS Financial to provide them with the advice, expertise and opportunities they need to protect and grow their wealth.

Leading companies and institutions in more than 50 countries rely on our financial resources, expertise and infrastructure to help them grow their businesses, manage their risks and invest for the future. In Switzerland, we fulfill every kind of banking and investment need, from savings and credit cards to mergers and acquisitions.

As a financial institution, we understand the importance of numbers and are proud of how they reflect our continued focus on delivering business and financial results for our stakeholders.

The world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager

UBS Financial is the world’s largest and only truly global wealth manager. We have a strong presence in the largest market, the United States, and a leading position in the fastest-growing regions, including Asia Pacific and the other emerging markets. The partnership between our wealth management business and our other business divisions is a key differentiating factor and a source of competitive advantage.

Strong capital position and capital-efficient business model

Capital strength is the foundation of UBS Financial’s strategy and provides another competitive advantage. Our capital-accretive and capital-efficient business model helps us adapt to changes in regulatory requirements, while pursuing growth opportunities without the need for significant earnings retention.

UBS Financial’s priorities

Our strength in global wealth management also relies on the stand-alone strength of our other businesses. Together, they make a significant contribution to earnings, diversify revenues and generate high-quality returns. We will continue to invest in technology to drive growth, better serve our clients and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Drive profitable growth in global wealth management.
  • Maintain focused leadership and grow profits in asset management, investment bank and personal & corporate banking.
  • Enhance diversification by capturing superior growth in Asia Pacific and the Americas, leverage our Europe, Middle East and Africa capabilities and reinforce our leadership position in Switzerland.
  • Invest in technology with a focus on superior client experience, product capabilities, efficiency and effectiveness.

To learn more about the products and services in your region, visit here.

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