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TechFocus Member Spotlight with Craig Jackman, Co-Founder and President of Paragon IT Professionals

Hear from Craig Jackman, co-founder and President of Paragon IT Professionals, about its approach to providing IT staffing and tech solutions for a rapidly changing tech landscape. Paragon develops tailored tech solutions — ranging from staffing, software solutions, project services to dedicated services — based on the client’s specific needs.

The rapid pace of technological advancements has posed a challenge to every industry, and even more so for IT staffing firms like Paragon. Early on, it recognized some critical challenges in the industry and resolved to address these issues. Understanding the talent shortages and the need for strong IT leaders, Paragon established the IT Leadership Forum in 2010 to nurture the future of the industry. Through the IT Leadership Forum, clients can strengthen their leadership culture — which leads to improved attraction, engagement and retention of the best candidates.

“Pursuing [IT] mastery is really important—we want to make sure that we can consult with our clients about how to get better and attract that talent faster than their competition,” noted Jackman. Built on the tenets of continuous improvement, Paragon looks to expand this valuable peer-to-peer program into the Phoenix and Scottsdale markets in the future.

Recently becoming Arizona Technology Council members, Paragon has already developed strong professional connections and participated in several events — and plans to build out their Arizona growth with the help of the AZ Tech Council. Learn more about Paragon IT Professionals by visiting

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