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BrightGuest Webinar: How to use texting when transitioning to all digital

Join BrightGuest March 25 to learn how text messaging + mobile engagement can help your business during this time.


Whether it’s donors, employees or customers—cutting through the noise to reach your audience is more important than ever. Text messaging can be your connector and enable your organization to effectively connect with your audience in real-time.

Capturing attention in today’s world doesn’t have to be difficult. BrightGuest empowers you to create microsites without writing code or paying developers. It’s easy to automate messaging and content that’s personalized to each individual and maximize the likelihood that action is taken. You’ll deliver a compelling experience through text messaging that works 1,000% better than email.

This webinar will be presented live with additional time for open Q&A.





  1. How to use text messaging for urgent communications, crisis response, virtual events + sponsorship exposure, virtual fundraising and more.
  2. How to grow your text message list online



  • Wednesday, March 25
  • 12pm to 12:45pm PST
  • LIVE WEBINAR via Zoom
  • Registration required
  • Recording will be sent out afterward

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