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Find post-COVID-19 clarity with a tenant representative

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Figuring out how to accommodate and adjust for a hybrid workforce is confusing and time-consuming. Your Tucson commercial real estate broker can help you find clarity.

Tenant representatives like Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson can be particularly helpful as you navigate the pros and cons of different business space needs and search for availability.

Tenant reps are responsive to business owners and users of corporate real estate because they do not work for landlords. They search for and recommend all workable solutions regardless of who is offering them.

How COVID-19 Changed Commercial Real Estate

COVID-19 accelerated changes that were already underway in the work space:

  • Employees desire a better work-life balance.
  • Consumers and clients opt for fewer in-person transactions and interactions.
  • Businesses need agile responses to changing business environments.

A Tucson tenant rep can explain why a hybrid workplace—where employees have the option to work at your corporate space or at home—will need to be part of these changes and how this could benefit.

Good workers are worth accommodating by giving them opportunities to do their jobs away from the office, at least part of the time. That could also work in your favor to reduce Tucson commercial real estate costs.

Flexibility is Key

I’ve spoken with several Tucson commercial real estate tenants about their situations in light of COVID-19. A big concern is finding the space flexibility to adjust to the hybrid work model while keeping an eye out for changes in their business operations.

I recommend that one way to deal with these uncertainties is to insist on shorter lease terms or a provision in a long-term contract that allows for the most flexibility possible.

These will let you adjust your floor space up or down more quickly when sudden business changes arise. Getting locked into a lease without such provisions won’t be useful if you need to quickly pivot.

This is particularly important for entrepreneurs, startups, and small and medium businesses that anticipate quick growth, but don’t want to risk a commitment to more space than they currently need.

Mini-satellite Offices

I expect that large companies adopting hybrid working conditions will operate work spaces that support their remote workforce. Small spaces where their employees are located provide conference and meeting rooms, as well as work stations when an employee needs more privacy than an office at home can provide.

A tenant rep will know where such space is available, whether in a co-working business, a shared office set-up or private office suite.

New Landscape

Long-term, permanent business space may no longer be the first and most effective option in Tucson commercial real estate leasing, given the concerns over health, environmental sustainability and the bottom line.

A tenant rep can help you prioritize your needs, seek out the best options and work on your behalf to negotiate the best Tucson commercial real estate deal.

For a complimentary consultation, contact me, +1-520-299-3400.

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