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Climate Power report finds that since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, thousands of jobs and $8.31 billion in investments have been generated in Arizona

In just under a year since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ clean energy plan has helped turbocharge our clean energy economy. Over the past year, clean energy businesses have announced or moved forward with more than 170,000 jobs across 44 states, according to Climate Power’s new report.

Across Arizona, climate and clean energy investments have already spurred $8.31 billion in investment, the 11th highest in the nation, and created or advanced over 12,700 good-paying clean energy jobs, the 6th most in the county. Arizona also has 13 new clean energy projects, ranking 6th in the nation. Today Climate Power hosted a press call to highlight the progress the state has made in the past year.

“The clean energy plan championed by President Biden and congressional Democrats is bringing manufacturing jobs back to Arizona in a big way,” said Claire Moser, Climate Power’s Deputy Executive Director.  “We’ve all suffered from the extreme heat and wildfire smoke of the past two months. Our clean energy boom is putting us on the path to avoid the worst of the climate crisis while adding good-paying jobs in red and blue states. The Inflation Reduction Act is also saving consumers money on solar panels, electric vehicles, and energy-efficient appliances — a win for the environment, our economy, and our wallets.”

“Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, Arizona is becoming a clean energy powerhouse,” said Congressman Greg Stanton. “All around the country, the clean energy boom is uplifting the American middle class. Clean energy is creating good-paying jobs while reducing our reliance on the fossil fuels that are polluting our air and water and leading to more and more extreme weather. Investing in clean energy is a win for communities across our state, which are already reaping tremendous benefits.”

“Heatwaves are making Arizona summers hotter and longer. Our air is getting dirtier and more polluted. Wildfires are ravaging our state. And mega-droughts are drying up our water supply,” said Assistant Democratic Leader Oscar De Los Santos. “Climate change poses a serious threat to communities across Arizona, which is why I’m so supportive of the Inflation Reduction Act. Thanks to the IRA, our state is becoming a clean energy and electric vehicle manufacturing powerhouse. We won’t let MAGA Republicans and fossil fuel executives roll back this progress, destroying good-paying jobs while also causing further harm to the environment.”

“KORE Power is proud to be part of the clean energy boom in Arizona,” said Suzanne Swink, Vice President for Government Affairs at KORE Power. “The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is helping us build a 1.3 million square foot battery manufacturing development in Buckeye. The majority of the jobs created by the IRA will not require a college degree and will include training for new workers entering these industries. These are jobs you can raise a family on. We want to keep investing and building in Arizona, a state that’s proven its dedication to clean energy innovation.”

“The Inflation Reduction Act is helping companies like ours invest in communities, while also protecting the environment and saving consumers money,” said Jim Ge, CEO of American Battery Factory. “At American Battery Factory, we believe that making clean energy more efficient and affordable is critical to solving the climate crisis. Our rapidly warming planet is costing us in every conceivable way. Clean power is the answer.”

Thanks to the Biden Administration’s clean energy policies, communities across the country are becoming more resilient to the devastating impacts of climate change and our clean energy economy continues to add new employees to the workforce. Additionally, most of the clean energy projects and growth in the past year have occurred in congressional districts represented by Republicans. Thus far, 152 clean energy projects in 92 Republican-held districts have moved forward with 96,216 new jobs, totaling $224.89 billion in investments.

The Inflation Reduction Act has touched Americans in every corner of the country, with rural towns, big cities, and every community in between reaping the benefits. The clean energy boom in America has only just begun.

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