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Avnet & SciTech Institute partner to expand Chief Science Officers program in U.S. and internationally

SciTech Institute, an organization focused on enhancing and promoting the value and importance of STEM education, is pleased to announce it has partnered with global technology distributor and solutions provider, Avnet, Inc., to expand the footprint of SciTech’s Chief Science Officers (CSO) program to new locations in the U.S. and international.

Avnet is investing in the CSO program to support expansion in four Avnet hubs over the next two years, in areas in or near Chicago, Illinois; Gaffney, South Carolina; Leeds, United Kingdom; and Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Arizona-grown CSO program has become a blueprint for communities across the world to grow their STEM ecosystems by empowering sixth- through 12th-grade students to be STEM ambassadors for their schools, the community and private industry. In just seven years, the program has expanded into 11 other states, along with international chapters in Kenya, Kuwait and Mexico. The CSO program currently consists of about 1,000 students – 600 in the U.S. and 400 internationally.

The partnership with Avnet underscores the powerful intersection between industry and STEM education. A pillar of the CSO program is to encourage students to pursue a career in science and technology, while empowering them to use their STEM skills to make a positive difference in their world.

“Avnet is sponsoring SciTech’s Chief Science Officers program because we share a common goal: to build productive career paths for young adults within the STEM field,” said Phil Gallagher, Avnet CEO. “By expanding this exciting program into more regions we’re not only helping more students develop their skills, we’re also engaging our employees as mentors, speakers and examples of success in the high tech industry. That experience can serve as a guide in years to come—both for the students and our own employees.”

“The support of innovative companies like Avnet, along with the Arizona Commerce Authority and the Arizona Technology Council Foundation, have helped make the CSO program a worldwide success,” said Steven G. Zylstra, President and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “Most importantly, this expansion will empower more young adults to discover their passions, be science and tech ambassadors, and explore new STEM career opportunities.”

“We are grateful for Avnet’s support to expand the CSO program,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Avnet’s investment will increase STEM opportunities in Arizona and around the world. The success of the CSO program highlights the need to continue developing a next generation workforce to fill the in-demand STEM jobs of tomorrow. We look forward to continuing to support the CSO program and its successful partnership with Avnet.”

The CSO program was launched in 2015 in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority and Arizona Technology Council.


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