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Arizona’s Tech Industry is Booming

The Arizona Republic’s article, “Ducey loves to tout the state’s tech industry. His rhetoric doesn’t always match reality,” buried the lead.

In the final paragraphs, the story notes that across the country, Phoenix, Tucson, and technology are now mentioned in the same breath, something that didn’t happen a decade ago. Long-established aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries provide the base for the strong, vibrant, and growing tech industry our governor touts. We are at a critical mass.

I see this every day. A tremendous uptick in entrepreneurial energy is creating innovative tech jobs across Phoenix and the Valley. A collaborative tech ecosystem welcomes and encourages new ventures, something that entrepreneurs who have worked in other tech hubs tell me is refreshing. Our three state universities are producing the talent that tech companies depend on for their success. We’re working overtime to fill an influx of innovative tech jobs in our rapidly changing workforce.

This is why Money Magazine ranked Phoenix the third-best city for technology job growth. ZipRecruiter reported a 188% increase in technology jobs from 2015 to 2016 – jobs such as project managers, software engineers, software developers, and data analysts. CBS News noted that the number of tech companies headquartered in Phoenix nearly quadrupled over five years.

These companies range from major employers to startups, from recognizable names to more esoteric ones. You will find Valley companies developing applications across a wide range of industries. Amazing work is being done every day.

This is the reality: Arizona’s high-tech sector is indeed a rising star, a point of pride for our state.

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