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Tucson-based Universal Avionics gets $33M contract to help supply head-worn vision systems for pilots

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Universal Avionics Systems Corp., a Tucson-based manufacturer of systems for commercial aircraft, has been awarded a $33 million contract to supply enhanced flight vision systems that can be worn by pilots.

The company won the contract from AerSale (Nasdaq: ASLE), a Florida-based company that provides integrated aftermarket services and products for airlines operating jets from Boeing, Airbus and McDonell Douglas.

The deal calls for Universal Avionics to supply AerSale’s ClearVision enhanced flight vision system (EFVS).

AerSale’s EFVS system is part of its AerAware installation package and includes a head-wearable display and cameras for the Boeing 737NG airplane.

“The ClearVision EFVS solution brings substantial capabilities to the 737NG and has demonstrated its advantages to operations including the ability to overcome degraded visibility solutions during any time of day,” said Door Yahav, CEO of Universal Avionics, in a statement. “I believe that the ability to allow aircraft to operate in conditions well below published minimums is a game-changer.”

The system helps pilots at night and in low visibility conditions, and it can help them move in and out of airports faster, AerSale said. The technology allows pilots and co-pilots to operate with their heads up while still able to monitor flight information and maintain three-dimensional situational awareness, the company said.

Nicolas Finazzo, AerSale’s chairman and CEO, said the system has been catching the attention of more airlines.

“With this contract, we’re ensuring deliverability of the AerAware system to the growing number of airlines who have expressed interest in this solution,” Finazzo said in a statement. “We are bringing this innovative solution to commercial operators for improved safety and operational effectiveness and we’re seeing a lot of excitement as we conduct demonstration flight tests.”

Universal Avionics, which was founded in 1981, specializes in manufacturing systems that are offered for retrofit and forward-fit in a wide variety of aircraft types. The Tucson firm is part of Elbit Systems, an international company focused on technology and products for defense and commercial systems.


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