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Terkel announces rebrand to Featured

Featured, the visibility platform for marketers, has rebranded from its legacy brand, Terkel after acquiring the premium domain name, 

Featured is a platform that connects subject-matter experts with top publishers to increase their exposure and create quality, ready-to-publish Q&A content. The platform has experienced impressive growth since launching in January of 2022, reporting nearly 300,000 answers, 15,000 experts, and over 750 paying users. Featured’s user base includes marketers from companies like Google, American Express, Zapier, Airbnb, Fiverr, and publishers like Fast Company, American Express, and more than 500 media destinations.

The rebrand to Featured helps the company onboard new publishers while organically growing brand awareness through a premium dot com.

“The name Featured immediately communicates our value proposition to marketers,” said Brett Farmiloe, Founder and CEO of Featured. “Securing this domain will help us bring more knowledge online to improve the information we can all access.”

Featured collects answers from experts and leverages in-house technologies to create full-length Q&A articles, sparing publishers from fielding pitches, selecting quotes, and creating content. 

“The Terkel name had a strong story and it sparked curiosity. Unfortunately, it also caused a lot of confusion and conflict,” said Rani Sweis, CEO of branding agency, Attic Salt. “We’re thrilled to bring Featured to life and recognize the pivotal role of human insight in today’s tech-driven era.”

Featured has prioritized publishers as well. Through publishing more than 5,000 articles for brands, Featured has generated organic search traffic and social media visibility for its publishing partners.

About Featured

Featured connects subject-matter experts with top publishers to increase their exposure and create quality, ready-to-publish Q&A content. More than 15,000 business leaders and professionals from organizations like Google, Harvard, VISA, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb, the NFL and more answer questions on Featured to build their brand and share their expertise. With more than 250,000 answers received, Featured is helping people build their visibility online. Exposure for experts. Content for publishers. Win, win. Learn more at  

About AtticSalt

Attic Salt is a disruptive branding studio for visionaries, challengers, and changemakers. Based in Scottsdale, Attic Salt crafts seasoned identities that help companies challenge industry norms, tell epic stories, and spark meaningful change. Learn more about the Featured rebrand at 


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