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Tempe Chamber and Rio Salado College partner on Tempe Workforce Skills Accelerator, presented by Amazon

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The Tempe Chamber of Commerce and Rio Salado College have partnered to create the Tempe Workforce Skills Accelerator, which will offer three microcredentials to Tempe businesses to upskill their workforce. Through a partnership with the Tempe Chamber Foundation and Amazon, there will also be 20 scholarships available to underwrite the costs for those employers that would experience financial hardship from enrolling their employees. 

The program’s microcredentials are accredited, transferable and stackable to higher-level degrees, giving students the opportunity to further their education and in-demand workforce skills. Microcredentials provide evidence students have demonstrated specific skills and competencies endorsed by the issuing institution. The available programs are: Small Business Management, Data Analytics, and Quality Customer Service.

“We are honored to partner with the Tempe Chamber of Commerce to address critical workforce skills gaps; provide socio economic mobility pathways for the community; and empower an innovative, educated and inspired workforce,” said Rio Salado President Kate Smith.

“We are proud to be locking arms with Rio Salado College and to be partnering on such a timely and impactful program,” said Colin Diaz, ACE, IOM, Tempe Chamber President and CEO. “Education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but also about building skills that empower individuals to shape their own future. It can truly become the catalyst for unlocking the full potential of employees, paving the way for businesses to grow and prosper, while allowing the employees to thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.


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