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TechFocus Member Spotlight: Khalid Al-Maskari, Founder and CEO, Health Information Management Systems (HiMS)

Did anything positive come out of the global COVID-19 pandemic? According to Health Information Management Systems (HiMS), a company committed to transforming the integrated health care experience, the constraints of the pandemic helped accelerate the implementation and deployment of telehealth options for health care providers and patients globally. Since then, health care communities have continued to embrace the power of technology to utilize digital care tools for integrated health solutions.

Khalid Al-Maskari, CEO and founder, rapidly grew HiMS from a single Tucson-based customer to a multi-state enterprise. HiMS innovative solutions aim to improve the quality of the health care experience for both the patient and the provider. Al-Maskari shares what sets HiMS apart from others in the industry; “We focus on three critical factors; partnering with our customers, providing excellent customer service and always being on the innovative side of healthcare technology.”

Today, HiMS is delivering improved efficiencies, reduction of administrative errors, and increased ease of use for providers and patients, but ask Al-Maskari what the future holds for integrated health care, and he’s clear — “I really see [AI] as transforming health care as we see it today. The next five years will be transformative, and AI will lead that transformation.” One way the HiMS teams stay committed to this future is by employing participatory design processes that encourage collaboration and promote innovative ideations, like how to incorporate AI solutions in the future, to solve client challenges.

As members of the Arizona Technology Council, HiMS has seen firsthand how instrumental the AZTC has been in positioning Arizona as a top tech leader and providing broad, valuable exposure to different companies and innovators. “The Arizona Technology Council has done a wonderful job of creating many opportunities for new and existing companies,” shared Al-Maskari.

Health Information Management Systems (HiMS) is a strategically thinking group of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software experts passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create value-based care tools for integrated health care providers. Learn more at

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