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Sustainable Climate Tech Manufacturer Breaks Ground in Mesa

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XNRGY, a North American leader in sustainable HVAC solutions, announced the groundbreaking of its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mesa, Arizona.

The first phase of the Arizona facility encompasses a significant 275,000 square feet, surpassing XNRGY’s Montreal headquarters at 223,000 square feet. This initial investment signifies a key milestone in XNRGY’s previously announced $300 million capital investment plan for the Mesa area. The groundbreaking ceremony represents the start of a four-phase development plan, ultimately creating a massive 1,000,000-square-foot sustainable manufacturing hub.

XNRGY is known for pushing the boundaries of HVAC engineering and crafting custom solutions for complex buildings. They go beyond standard air handling units, delivering comprehensive packaged solutions that deliver maximum energy efficiency, lower connected power, redundancy, modularity, and help business owners achieve their sustainability goals.

“We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking of our new facility in Mesa,” said Yves Leduc XNRGY’s COO. “Expanding our manufacturing footprint from our Montreal headquarters to this new facility in the States underscores XNRGY’s commitment to meeting the surging demand for our best-in-class sustainable climate control solutions,”

“This first phase of our Arizona facility will encompass an impressive 275,000 square feet, which signifies a significant increase in capacity, surpassing our Montreal headquarters at 223,000 square feet. This strategic expansion allows us to continuously deliver on our commitment to manufacturing excellence. By implementing industry-leading lean practices, we ensure exceptional service for our mission-critical customers.”

“The new Arizona facility is poised to become a hub for innovation at XNRGY,” said Larry Hopkins, XNRGY’s CTO. “We’re building not just a manufacturing plant but laying the foundation for the next generation of climate control systems. Here, we’ll focus on sustainable design principles to ensure the facility itself embodies the environmental responsibility our technology promotes.”

“XNRGY is bringing the future of sustainable climate control to the Valley,” said Wais Jalali, CEO of XNRGY. “Our new facility will not only create exciting careers, but also serve as a showcase for our industry-leading technology that reduces energy consumption, water usage, and carbon footprint. This translates to significant cost savings for our customers – a lower total cost of ownership for a healthier planet.”

Jalali added, “XNRGY’s commitment to sustainability means we focus on research and development to ensure our products offer maximum energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and support for LEED certification across diverse applications, serving mission-critical markets such as data centers, life sciences, healthcare, biopharma, cleanrooms, and lithium-ion battery plants.”

“For over 40 years, I’ve dedicated myself to innovation in HVAC. But nothing ignites my passion like what we’re building here at XNRGY,” said Sham Ahmed, Co-Founder, President & General Manager of XNRGY. “We’ve united the best minds in North American HVAC, and together, we’re not just opening a facility – we’re launching the future of climate control. This Arizona site is a springboard for groundbreaking research, sustainable design, and shattering the boundaries of efficiency.”

“We’re building more than machines – we’re crafting a future where responsible climate control empowers every application. This isn’t just a new chapter for XNRGY – it’s a revolution for the entire industry, starting right here in Arizona. The future of HVAC is bright, and it’s ours to create,” concluded Ahmed.

XNRGY is not only committed to sustainability but also to building a strong future workforce. The company is actively partnering with local universities and trade schools to recruit and hire skilled workers. This investment in the Mesa community will foster a new generation of sustainability champions.

“We’re thrilled to see XNRGY break ground on their new facility at Gateway East,” said Matt Jensen, a partner with The Boyer Company. “XNRGY perfectly embodies the type of innovative and growth-oriented company we envisioned for this development. The project’s flexible design and ample space will allow XNRGY to seamlessly scale operations and meet their growing customer needs. Even in today’s unique economic climate, XNRGY’s vision and our collaborative approach with the Arizona community allowed us to find creative solutions to bring this project to life.”


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