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SRP partners with West-MEC to help students work on electric vehicles

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Electric vehicle popularity is soaring, and West-MEC is trying to stay ahead of the curve through a sponsorship with SRP. The utility provider is partnering with the college to ensure that interested students get certified as auto technicians, with experience working on electric cars.

“A lot of stuff that we talk about is in a textbook, the Teslas you see going down the road. It’s just a picture. But having one where the students can actually look at it and put their hands on it changes how they see it. What it does is it reduces the fear factor of it,” said Instructor Randy Golding.

Electric vehicles under the hood look different than what you might find under the hood of a traditional, gas or diesel-powered vehicle. With that comes different safety procedures, especially because high voltage is involved in powering this style of car.

“The great opportunity here is to be able to donate this [electric vehicle] to the educational facility to arm these kids of the future with the knowledge and capacity to be able to be successful in their future careers,” explained SRP spokesperson David Samuel.

Samuels said the donated vehicle was nearing retirement within the SRP fleet, so donating it to the school for student education was an easy decision. West-MEC’s enrollment is now open. If you’re interested in this program, click here!


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