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Scottsdale-based healthcare tech co. launches Instachat Builder AI platform

InBusiness PHX, the leading HIPAA-compliant conversational marketing solution, announced today the launch of Instachat Builder, a new product that accelerates AI chat deployment by allowing customers to directly train’s chatbot on any type of text information. Traditionally, chat applications required extensive manual training before they could begin fielding customer questions, but with Instachat Builder, companies can train’s conversational AI platform on any relevant text information in minutes. This new approach enables teams to launch intelligent chatbots immediately — thereby speeding up deployment, boosting response rates, and reducing fallbacks.

“Historically, launching a chat application was time-consuming,” said Jacob Molina, Product Manager at “Companies needed to manually formulate the question and answer pairs they wanted their AI chat to handle. Instachat Builder shortcuts this entire process by automatically transforming any relevant text into training material, allowing our customers to launch powerful chatbots capable of instantly answering hundreds or thousands of questions — with only a few clicks.”

Instachat Builder is an AI-driven application that derives question-and-answer training pairs from PDFs, HTML files, document files, call center transcripts, or any other kind of text information. Users can feed Instachat Builder presentations, product manuals, FAQ pages, etc., and the application automatically extracts the relevant content. After extraction, Instachat Builder translates the relevant raw content into question-and-answer pairs that can be used to train AI chatbots. Users can review all automatically generated pairs before they are used for training. The Instachat Builder is powered by a combination of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), two technologies which has notably pioneered in the conversational marketing cloud.

Instachat Builder helps customers by providing: 

  • Faster deployment: Instachat Builder accelerates the training process, allowing users to launch intelligent chat on day one with predictable 98% accuracy.
  • Improved response rates: Instachat Builder improves response rates by enabling users to rapidly expand the range of topics intelligent chat can competently handle.
  • Instant marketing insights: Marketers receive conversational reporting data directly following deployment, gleaning insights on the user journey, customer retention, SEO and more.
  • Reduced fallbacks: Instachat Builder reduces the need for human intervention by making it easy to develop highly-capable intelligent chat.

“The issue with AI-driven chat has always been doing the work required to deploy,” said Chris Maeda, Co-founder and CTO at “That is where Instachat Builder comes in. Using this tool, we are able to transform useful content that companies have on hand into training material, cutting a process that used to take weeks down to a few minutes. Give us your existing text documents and we’ll give you a chat application.”


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