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Salvo Technologies Acquires EOITech

Seminole, FL – Salvo Technologies Inc., a technology-based holding company, has acquired EOITech in a private deal with undisclosed terms.  EOITech serves multiple markets with unique sensor and imaging based products and services.  EOITech’s product portfolio ranges from X-Ray cameras to Raman based sensors suites and provides unique services related to imaging sensors.

“Salvo Technologies’ strategy of acquiring companies with synergistic offerings lead us to EOITech,” said Patrick Bass, Executive Vice President of Salvo Technologies. “With the ability to create custom imaging and sensing products, EOITech aligns very well with both our Salvo Defense group as well as our Shepherd Scopes brand.  This definitely is a case where the sum of the parts is much greater than that of the individual pieces!  We are very excited to explore the new technologies the EOITech group brings to our family of companies.”

“The addition of EOITech creates an entirely new segment for the Salvo Organization,” said Hugh Garvey, president of EOITech.  “We are just thrilled to have the chance to leverage the market reach, engineering resources and production capabilities of the Salvo Group.  This acquisition has allowed us to become an integrator and solutions provider much faster than would be possible organically.”

EOITech will operate as a fully owned division of Salvo Technologies.  The group will be integrated with the Salvo team over the next few months.  Customers of both companies will benefit from the expanded capabilities garnered from the acquisition.    

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