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Salt River Project celebrates National Drive Electric Week

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Salt River Project is celebrating 2023 National Drive Electric Week from Sept. 22 through Oct. 1.

According to SRP, drivers have been rapidly switching to electric vehicles for a variety of reasons, including car maintenance and gas.

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than traditional vehicles because they do not need regular oil changes.

Drivers have also been able to enjoy incentives for battery chargers and an increase in charging stations at businesses throughout the Valley.

SRP customers can save $250 on Level 2 chargers from the SRP Marketplace and those who bought chargers from somewhere else could be eligible for rebates.

Businesses can apply for rebates as high as $2,500 to have charging ports installed in certain areas.

For those curious about electric vehicles, SRP is hosting an event on Sept. 30 for people to test drive and learn more about the cars.

On Thursday, gas prices in Arizona spiked to an average of $4.65 a gallon while the national average reached $3.86, according to AAA.

Arizona had the sixth-highest average in the nation.


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