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Political Action Committee

What is a PAC?

A committee formed by business, labor, or other special-interest groups to raise money and make contributions to the campaigns of political candidates whom they support. It is important that the technology industries collective voice is heard through identifying strong candidates that represent the industries values, philosophy and goals.

Many trade organizations and companies have their own political action committees and are successful at ensuring that strong candidates support their critical issues. Arizona can be a better place for technological advancement and growth and technology-based economic development through the efforts of AZTC State PAC.

How do I contribute?

Mail a check to the address below or call the Council’s director of finance at 602.343.8324. 

Arizona Technology Council
2800 N. Central Avenue
Suite 1530
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Who can contribute to the Arizona Technology Council State Political Action Committee (AZTC State PAC)?

  • Employees of the AZTC and their families
  • Members of the AZTC, their staff, and their families

Note: Funds must be from personal sources, companies cannot contribute to PACs.

How much can an individual contribute?

$5,850 is the total amount an individual can contribute in any one year to candidates and committees who contribute to candidates in local and state races. The AZTC State PAC will monitor these records for individual contributions made to the AZTC State Political Action Committee.

What does this PAC contribute to?

The AZTC State PAC will contribute to political candidates when they are in alignment with the AZTC’s position in the following policy areas:

  • Technology commercialization and development
  • Workforce development
  • Supply-chain development
  • Capital formation
  • Research & Development and Economic Sustainability
  • Education
  • Reduced business tax burden and tax credits

What else do I need to know?

  • You must inform your employees of the political purposes at time of solicitation and their right to refuse contribution without any reprisal (ARS 16-921 (A))
  • Each contributor will need to provided the following information with their contribution (ARS 16-901.12 (a)): Name, Address, and Occupation