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The key to business success: PlanetOne CEO Ted Schuman stresses the importance of a clear vision


Founder & CEO of PlanetOne

I’m going on 30 years of running an industry-leading IT business and have learned countless lessons along the way. It’s important to me to help our sales partners and business owners navigate the industry and drive revenue, and lately I’ve been focused on the fact that Everything Matters, from top to bottom.

From the jump, every single team member within your organization needs to be pulling in the same direction. That starts with the owners and top-level management who should be leading their organization with clear vision and initiatives. Employees should be able to execute this shared vision through energy, passion, and a willingness to make moves without being inspired by their supervisor.

So, think about this – when the spotlight isn’t on you, do you have the right DNA to make it happen? If you’re not feeling inspired to bring the right amount energy and passion to work every single day, find something else to do that really inspires and motivates you. Customers will notice and it makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction levels and longevity.

Not sure if you’re hitting the mark with your customers? Ask them! We survey all our partners on an annual basis to ensure we’re supporting and enhancing their growth. We ask them to rate our overall performance – in 2020, 90% rated our performance as Above Average or Excellent, 90% said they will be keeping their sales pace with PlanetOne, and 50% said they will increase the business they do with PlanetOne in the coming year. More importantly, we also asked how we can improve, which enables us to make real-time adjustments to better serve our partners. Because when they win, we win.

Finally, invest in your customers to earn the marks. This year, we’re raising the bar and making significant investments in customer satisfaction through Sentient, a new partner enablement platform that’s never been seen before in the channel. Partners will have access to real-time analytics and resources to scale their businesses faster and more profitably. We’re talking real revenue generation through amplified business intelligence.

Are you measuring customer satisfaction and investing in their success? If not, your competitors will. Take the time evaluate your business…because everything matters.

About PlanetOne
PlanetOne is the IT channel and telecom industry’s preferred business partner for identifying and delivering cloud-based and connectivity solutions to small and midsize businesses and enterprises. To learn more, visit or follow PlanetOne on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and YouTube.



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