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Pipeline AZ’s IT/Cyber Career Network offers valuable career resources

Like most of the country, and the world, the IT and cybersecurity industries are among the fastest-growing in Arizona. There’s never been a better time to pursue a career in these fields, as there are tens of thousands of open jobs projected in Arizona through 2024 alone. That’s why the Arizona Technology Council has partnered with Pipeline AZ to create a valuable IT and cybersecurity resource center for job seekers.

Pipeline AZ’s IT/Cyber Career Network is the leading resource for people who want to enter these exciting career fields. This hub provides information including salary expectations and job outlook projections, career path descriptions, educational information and much more. 

Anyone who’s contemplating a career in the IT or cybersecurity field, whether they’re a young student or a career switcher, can use Pipeline AZ’s IT/Cyber Career Network to access up-to-date information on the state of IT and cybersecurity jobs and training in Arizona.

Cybersecurity Careers in Arizona: A Future Path for K-12 Students

It’s never too early for K-12 students to start thinking about their future careers. There are numerous types of IT and cybersecurity career paths to pursue, including infrastructure, networking, database management, artificial intelligence, programming and cybersecurity. In Pipeline AZ’s IT/Cyber Career Network, students can click on each of these pathways to see popular career titles and recommendations for entry-level certifications.

The Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career network in Arizona offers pathways for individuals to enter these fields through various online trainings and certifications, regardless of their previous educational backgrounds. Whether students pursue a bachelor’s degree in another field or explore a certificate program, there are lots of opportunities to build skills and advance in the fields of IT and cybersecurity.

Some employers may even pay for continued education costs for employees who want to grow their careers in cybersecurity. The Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career network, built in partnership with the Arizona Technology Council, provides information on potential training that can help established professionals learn in-demand skills that can help them advance in their careers.

Reasons to Use Pipeline AZ to Research the Right Career Path

It’s important for Arizona jobseekers to research the qualifications specific positions require, so they can get the proper training and/or certification to meet those qualifications.

K-12 students can use the Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career network to begin researching and exploring these pathways early on, so they can get a head start in understanding the qualifications that are required for specific cybersecurity and IT positions they’re interested in. The Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career network helps students make informed decisions about the education and training programs that can help them pursue their desired careers in IT and cybersecurity.

There are also details on the current highest-demand technology and cybersecurity jobs in Arizona, as well as scholarships available for IT and cybersecurity education. By starting early, K-12 students can position themselves for success in these rapidly growing industries.

The Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career Network: Your Guide to Arizona Careers in These Fields

Pipeline AZ’s IT/Cyber Career Network, with support from the Arizona Technology Council, plays a crucial role in supporting the rapidly growing demand for cybersecurity professionals in Arizona. Pipeline AZ also has a blog that publishes a variety of content for aspiring and current IT and cybersecurity professionals. For example, check out:

With access to up-to-date information on the highest-demand technology and cybersecurity jobs, as well as an extensive collection of current education and training programs available, the Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career Network provides people with a comprehensive guide to pursuing a career in these in-demand fields.

The added support of available scholarships helps remove financial barriers to IT and cybersecurity education, which can help students achieve their dream careers in technology. The Pipeline AZ IT/Cyber Career network provides a valuable resource for those who are interested in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the IT and cybersecurity industries in Arizona.

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