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Phoenix-based solar energy provider expands with acquisition of energy services co.

SinglePoint, Inc., an acquisition-focused solar energy and sustainable solutions provider, announced today the acquisition of Frontline Power Solutions, a Multi-State Licensed Energy Services Company (ESCO).
Frontline Power Solutions (FPS) is a comprehensive energy service Company with the ability to operate in deregulated markets across the country. Frontline Power is licensed in nine states and has applied for and is awaiting final approval in 12 additional states. Frontline provides Energy Supply Agreements to all sizes of commercial, industrial, and institutional properties. In addition to supplying direct agreements, FPS also lends its expertise to its clients to help reduce energy consumption, streamline energy portfolios, and offer other options to lower energy costs.
The strategic acquisition provides SinglePoint with access to an extensive portfolio of clients while giving those FPS clients reciprocal access to one of the nation’s leading solar power solutions companies and best-in-class customer service.
Wil Ralston, CEO of SinglePoint, said, “Frontline Power Solutions is a great addition to SinglePoint. Frontline will round out our service offerings by providing tremendous opportunities in the deregulated energy markets. Through Energy Service Agreements or assistance with installing a client’s solar system, SinglePoint can now assist thousands of commercial clients in their solar transition.”
John Holmes, Founder & CEO of FPS, said, “Our focus has been supplying commercial energy contracts to large and small commercial, industrial, institutional, and property management firms. We facilitate substantial reductions in energy consumption and spending while streamlining logistical management of their energy portfolios. By joining SinglePoint, our two companies benefit from economies of scale and monetizing opportunities more efficiently and quickly.”
The FPS purchase is just the latest in SinglePoint’s acquisition strategy, bringing a growing collection of solar providers and energy solutions under one corporate umbrella. SinglePoint has acquired six (6) subsidiaries, including EnergyWyze, BOX Pure Air, Direct Solar America, Ecodaptive, Boston Solar, and Frontline Power Solutions.
There are currently 26 U.S. states that offer deregulated power options which are expected to reach $9 Billion in annual industry revenues.


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