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Sinema discusses helping Arizona students access tech careers at AZ Tech Council roundtable

Arizona senior Senator Kyrsten Sinema led a roundtable with business and community college leaders with the Arizona Technology Council to discuss how they can work together to fulfill workforce needs, help Arizona students thrive, and continue creating economic opportunities in the tech industry.

“Arizona has always been a state for opportunity and fearless innovation – where folks from all over our country come for a better life, expanded career options, and a healthier economy. That’s why our roundtable is helpful to identify solutions and ensure Arizona’s talent is utilized to their best potential so we can continue leading our great state to the future,” said Sinema.

During the roundtable, Sinema underscored her commitment to ensuring Arizona remains a national leader in tech innovation and growth by addressing concerns small and big businesses share in hiring and retaining talented workers.

Sinema highlighted how Arizonans graduating from community colleges and universities across the state are part of the special talent pool that they must hone to keep moving Arizona forward. Roundtable participants discussed with the Senator the need to close the skills gap so Arizonans from all walks of life can access better careers, and Arizona employers can find the talent they need to succeed.

According to CompTIA’s State of the Tech Workforce report, Arizona added more than 5,000 new jobs in the tech industry in 2022 and ranks 16th in the nation for net jobs added. The number of tech positions throughout the state are expected to increase in 2023 by percentages ranging from 2.2% to 5.1%, and Arizona’s tech job growth is expected to be among the nation’s highest over the next decade.

The estimated direct economic impact of the tech sector in Arizona is $33.4B – 8.2% of the state’s overall economic impact.

As Arizona’s premier networking and trade association for science and technology companies, the Arizona Technology Council is the driving force behind making the Grand Canyon State the fastest-growing technology hub in the nation, connecting and empowering Arizona’s community of innovation.


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