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AZ Tech Council Governor’s Celebration with Steve Zylstra and Future Innovators

AZ Tech Roundtable 

Steve Zylstra of AZ Tech Council joined BRT to talk all things technology in the Valley. The Arizona Technology Council is one of the largest technology-driven trade associations in North America, with over 850 members and growing, the only organization specifically serving technology companies statewide. They protect innovators and truly believe that technology moves all of us forward; and are dedicated to the future of Arizona.

Steve Zylstra advocates for AZ tech, as well as his recurring writing about the industry. Steve, and the Council are a major source for updates on technology, business growth, and what legislation is being drafted.

The Arizona Technology Council, in partnership with the Arizona Commerce Authority, has announced the winners of the 2022 Governor’s Celebration of Innovation awards. Winners of this prestigious annual award program represent the best of the best in Arizona’s technology, science and education ecosystem. This year’s recipients were recognized tonight in a ceremony at the Phoenix Convention Center.

“The Governor’s Celebration of Innovation award winners represent the pinnacle of innovation and cutting-edge problem solving throughout the state,” said Steven G. Zylstra, president and CEO of the Council and its foundation, SciTech Institute. “It was a pleasure to celebrate our winners, as well as the many outstanding finalists, at tonight’s awards show. Each year we are so proud to see how far Arizona has come as a leader in technology, science and STEM education.”

“Each year, the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation awards showcase Arizona’s vibrant technology community,” said Sandra Watson, president and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “This year’s winners and finalists certainly carry on that tradition. We are proud to partner with the Council to highlight the entrepreneurs and local leaders making Arizona a magnet for innovative technologies.”

The winners in their respective categories are:

Future Innovator Awards

  • Siddarth Adda – Basis H.S., Scottsdale
  • Sruti Peddi – Basis H.S., Scottsdale
  • Ram Bubby – Basis H.S., Scottsdale
  • Baochan Fan – Hamilton High School, Chandler

Future Innovator Honorable Mentions

  • Maya Marie Schwickert – BASIS, Scottsdale
  • Prisha Shroff – Hamilton H.S., Chandler


1st Half

Steve Zylstra of the AZ Tech Council joins the show to preview the upcoming Governor’s Celebration of Innovation

Interviews with Future Innovators Awards Winners & Honorable Mentions

  • Siddarth Adda – Basis H.S., Scottsdale

AI diagnostic tool to read for eye disease, uses app on a phone to take a picture of the eye and scan the picture for any disease issues, this can help with telehealth and make the optometry industry more efficient. Siddarth has family who has eye diseases and partially blind.

Future Major – Biology for a Medicine career.

  • Maya Marie Schwickert – Texas Women’s Univ. , Chemistry & Math major

Maya’s Science Project reducing LED blue light on wildlife and nature through gelatin used seaweed to create a light cover to reduce light emissions.

Career objective FBI analyst.

2nd Half

More Interviews with Future Innovators Awards Winners & Honorable Mentions

  • Sruti Peddi – Basis H.S., Scottsdale

Sruti’s Science Project Built an AI tool that can predict future floods and warn residents 3 days in advance of a high flood area to get away for safety, help people who do not have access to good data. Sruti has family who have farms and experienced the devastation of floods.

Future career aspirations is to work in government and public policy.

  • Ram Bubby – Basis H.S., Scottsdale

Ram’s Science Project was to test the affect of UV light on crops to improve crop yields for agriculture, used spinach as a test crop UV light had good results helping crops grow better vs LED or fluorescent light. Outdoor fields cannot keep up with demand.

Future career aspirations is to get a degree in environmental engineering to work in sustainability and more efficient use of energy.

  • Prisha Shroff – Hamilton H.S., Chandler

Prisha’s Science Project was an AI algorithm that can predict blood sugar levels for Diabetics based on inputting what  foods they will be eating in their next meals to help manage health and give alternate ideas if not a good choice. The App User would need to enter 2 weeks of historical data, plus health information to help setup up the process. Prisha has both family and friends who have diabetes so she has seen firsthand how this info can help daily.

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