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Arizona Technology Council’s Q4 2021 Impact Report shows technology industry growth continues to positively contribute to statewide growth

The Arizona Technology Council today released its Q4 2021 Arizona Technology Industry Impact Report, which outlines the continued growth of the state’s technology sector and highlights diversity statistics in the industry. A major takeaway from the Q4 2021 report is that Arizona’s technology industry multiplier has risen from 3.76 to 5.1. This means that for every 100 jobs added in the tech industry, 510 new jobs are created in other industries.

“Seeing the growth metrics of our technology sector over the last year has been a rewarding validation of the efforts of Arizona’s entire business ecosystem,” said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council’s president and CEO. “The industry continues to be a catalyst for growth across all sectors in our state. The data detailing technology companies moving to Arizona and the rise in students pursuing STEM-focused education shows that we will continue to see an upward trend in the years to come.”

In addition to the growth in the technology jobs multiplier, other notable takeaways include year-over-year growth in the number of technology jobs (3.09%), up from the 2.64% reported in the third quarter. Job growth is also higher in Arizona than in Utah (2.2%), Texas (1.7%) and California (0.7%). Finally, the number of STEM job postings has remained near its June 2021 peak of 37,506.

Other key findings of the Q4 2021 report include:

  • Total technology industry wages – $24,198,335,558
  • Technology jobs – 207,973
  • Total technology firms – 10,203
  • 88% of Arizona’s population has at least a high school diploma
  • 29% of Arizona’s population has at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Nearly 26% of college degrees obtained in Arizona are in science or engineering majors

The Council supplements its report with published works, blogs and interviews highlighting Arizona technology industry leaders, news from organizations across a wide range of sectors in the state’s technology community and more.

On the Council’s behalf, the quarterly report is compiled by eImpact (, an organization that creates web-based, data-reporting solutions designed to help cities, industries and planners drive effective policy, create new growth and engage stakeholders. The report is based on eImpact’s analysis of data from Emsi, Brookings Institution, CompTIA, AngelList, National Science Board and others. Molly Castelazo, CEO and chief content strategist of Castelazo Content (, also partnered with the Council to organize and curate the supplemental content, update the report design and create the infographic.

Download or view the complete report on the Council’s website here ( The report can also be found on


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