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MarTech Series event: How martech and internal communications help companies thrive

The Arizona Technology Council held a virtual martech presentation and discussion featuring Neil Lieberman, head of U.S. Marketing at Poppulo. the global leader in employee communication software that partners with many of the world’s biggest and most successful organizations.

When companies such as Unilever, Experian, Nestlé, Johnson Controls, Rolls-Royce and nine of the world’s 20 biggest pharma companies want to solve complex communication challenges with their large international workforces, they look to PoppuloThey, and companies of all sizes across all sectors and geographies, increasingly recognize the crucial role employee communications plays in engaging workers and, consequently, business success.

“Your employees are your greatest asset,” said Neil Lieberman, head of U.S. Marketing at Poppulo. “The best employers treat their employees as internal customers. Treating your staff well is just as important as treating customers well. Every organization, business and company should onsider their workforce as internal customers.”

The discussion focused on employee engagement and how internal communications is all about promoting effective communications among people within an organization. Lieberman shared how Poppulo’s employee communications platform is leveraged, what employees expect from top-notch companies and the future of internal communications. 

“Internal communications with your employees are more important now more than ever, especially with so many companies experiencing unprecedented change,” said Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO of KEO Marketing.

“Don’t wait until something happens to adopt internal communications plans, best practices and strategies,” Lieberman added. “COVID-19 was a catalyst for companies across the globe to shift their messaging to employees and how they delivered those messages. When a crisis hits, it’s more important than ever to level with employees. Employees want to know what’s going on from company executives and they don’t want it to be sugar-coated.”

Moderated by MarTech Co-Chairs Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO of KEO Marketing, and Susanne Lake, CEO of Slake Consulting, it was a fantastic discussion and well worth a listen.





Head of U.S. Marketing at Poppulo

Neil Lieberman leads the U.S. Marketing for Poppulo, the global leader in employee communications solutions that reach over 20 million people worldwide. An experienced technology and marketing executive, Neil specializes in helping enterprises grow their businesses through more impactful communications. Poppulo is the global leader in employee communications solutions, partnering with many of the world’s most successful corporations with its pioneering platform that measures the effectiveness and business impact of employee communications across multiple digital channels.


About the MarTech Series

The MarTech Series was created to help professionals make the most of their marketing technology and to help companies execute their marketing and business strategy with data-driven decision making. Led by co-chairs Sheila Kloefkorn, president and CEO of KEO, and Susanne Lake, CEO of Slake Consulting, the MarTech Series aims to share best practices and perspectives on the multitude of business technologies and marketing tools available ranging from traditional CRM software, to sophisticated tools with AI and predictive analytics. Join us  to explore the latest trends that the market has to offer and get a leg up on your competition.





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