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jdh Insights: October 2020 Preferred Business Partner

October’s Preferred Business Partner, jdh Insights, is your partner with supporting organizational growth through your greatest asset: your humans.

By Joni Hibdon

I often hear business leaders say “As a leader, I want to focus on the business aspects of my organization. So why is it important to focus on my people?”

The reality is BOTH are important. It can feel like new terrain when entrepreneurs and business leaders are tasked with focusing on their people, especially when your expertise or passion lies elsewhere; innovation, strategy, analysis, product development, marketing, competition analysis, revenue and ROI, etc. All of those things are important…and the day-to-day leadership of your people may take your attention away from these preferred—and much needed—tasks.  

I understand how complex it is to lead, manage and cultivate human relationships while balancing other business operations. And yet, it is the humans that directly impact results in all aspects of a company. They lend their experience, use their expertise, provide their knowledge, and act as the connection with customers and clients. Your employees are out in the community talking about your business every day—often more than your branding and marketing messages.  

So, I ask you to consider this: How do you want the people you have hired to represent your organization?   That alone should tell you why it is important to focus on your people.

Your people and your business results
My team and I think of ourselves as ‘guidance counselors’ when we connect with your people. We support your organization by first understanding your business and the marketplace, and then learning about what is working (or not) with your people. These complex and sometimes messy human beings to you hired, come to your organization excited to show up and perform their roles. Sometimes they meet—and even exceed—your expectations. Sometimes they do not. Did you know that YOU are the differentiator in that equation?

 Let me ask you…do you engage with your people as you would other important relationships in your life or business? If you do, I applaud you!  If you do not, why not?

The leader’s role is one of the most important relationships to ever be created.  You are responsible for work relationships, deliverables, results, growth, clients …you are responsible for your company’s success. PLUS, you have the added responsibility to guide other people’s professional lives in similar areas. Your people depend on you for vision, training, feedback, mentoring, guidance, and connection.  

Do you know what your people REALLY want to be successful and perform to your expectations? I would encourage you to ask them about this fact. You might be surprised at how eager they are to please you and what they feel is missing in the relationship you have with them.

Our team is available to guide you through a clear process to help you engage with your people in a meaningful and connected way. This can occur though one-on-one coaching and/or leadership development.  

I guarantee that it will be worth your time and investment.

Enhanced leadership
When I engage with organizations, I find that those who want to increase their business results are most interested in enhancing their leadership capabilities. There is a difference between people who can manage—and those who are true leaders. That has become a real and defining factor in today’s complex and competitive business environment.

 Leaders who are connected, curious, inspiring, and visionary are those who have the most positive experience with their employees and overall business results. These people have found a way to ‘unleash’ their own leadership power and are getting the most out of themselves and the people they direct and guide. If this is something you want for yourself or your organization, contact jdh Insights for a free consulting conversation to discover what might be missing in your leadership style. We can offer insights and solutions. Together, we will determine the best course of action whether for yourself and/or leaders on your team.  

Can my team be more effective?
Let’s face it. When pulling people together to form a team, it often happens on ‘accident.’ Aligning staff—both vertically and horizontally—takes thought. Effective collaboration does not come naturally, it is learned…and it can be taught.

Whether your team is newly formed or has worked together on past goals, creating remarkable results only happens when everyone reaches the mindset of “we are all in this together.” This mindset is not easily achieved because what motivates this group is often as different as the individuals that make up the team. We can help you understand how to bridge that gap and get everyone operating with a single-focus motivation and intention…all while maintaining an exceptional employee experience.  



For more exploration and information contact:

Joni Hibdon, president of jdh Insights, LLC
[email protected]   |  303.881.4055

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