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iTether partners with Pinal County to launch study

iTether Technologies, Inc.Phoenix-based developer of the award winning iTether outpatient care coordination platform for member engagement and treatment, is partnering with the Pinal County Attorney’ s Office to launch a three-year, $1.25 million research study involving 1,000 participants in the Pinal County Diversion Program. The aim of the project is to reduce recidivism and future criminal actions of low risk defendants by using digital technology for individualized support and supervision.

Through a U.S. Bureau of Justice Administration grant, iTether Technologies, Inc. will work closely with the Pinal County Attorney’s office to enhance the current community-based diversion program using the Risk-Need-Resilience (RNR) model. Across 3-years diversion officers will learn to assess offenders’ criminogenic behaviors and readiness for change, as well as develop and monitor personalized plans for defendant treatment. Participating defendants will use iTether’s state-of-the-art tele-treatment/education platform to learn and practice new skills and strategies, locate health and social service resources, and monitor their own decision-making behaviors. Using the secure iTether app, defendants remain connected to (tethered) and monitored remotely by their diversion officers while living, learning, and working their programs in their home community, 24/7.

“Patients with long-term behavioral health conditions are at greater risk for poor outcomes when they have difficulty staying motivated and engaged following in-patient care,” says Sean Gunderson, co-founder and CEO of iTether, “iTether allows our customers to create a digital ecosystem of outpatient services that meaningfully support individuals and their families in recovery.”

The researchers will also assist victims of crime by using iTether’s platform to deliver trauma informed educational support, build resilience, and speed-up restitution payments.

 iTether’s platform provides users with a care navigation system with access to telehealth and social determinants of health that allows patients to remain connected (tethered) to their clinicians outside the clinic walls, 24/7. Since launching pilot programs in Phoenix and St. Louis in 2017, the technology has shown reductions in no-show rates, enabled remote patient monitoring, improved patient medical compliance, saved staff time and increased patient and clinical satisfaction.

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About iTether
Digital health management platform iTether is designed to promote positive and sustainable outcomes for patients while also benefiting providers by helping reduce administrative work and increase billable events because more patients show up to appointments. Key iTether features include individualized treatment planning and goal monitoring, HIPAA complaint patient-provider communication, integrated telehealth, data analytics, health assessments and targeted SDOH resources. The iTether solution is aimed at health plans, behavioral health providers, integrated care providers and justice agencies.

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