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Intel celebrates 40 years of manufacturing in Arizona

Intel is one of only three companies manufacturing at the leading-edge of semiconductor technology. Intel’s integrated design and manufacturing model provides a competitive advantage because of the strong connection across manufacturing, architecture, process design and packaging technologies.

As a global leader in semiconductor R&D and manufacturing, Intel creates technology that is at the foundation of modern life—powering homes, vehicles, healthcare, communication networks and even other manufacturers.

In October 1980, the first silicon wafers came off the company’s production line at Fab 6 in Chandler,” said Intel CEO Bob Swan. “That marked the start of what is now one of Intel’s largest manufacturing sites. Four decades later, Arizona is now home to 12,000 of the brightest minds helping Intel define the future of technology. It is Intel’s tech that powers our world’s digital infrastructure—allowing us to connect, invent and advance, even through the unprecedented challenges of 2020.”

“For decades, Intel has been a worldwide leader in semiconductor manufacturing,” added Keyvan Esfarjani, Intel senior vice president and general manager of manufacturing and operations.  To celebrate Manufacturing Day this year, I want to recognize the efforts of tens of thousands of Intel team members around the world who are going above and beyond every day to support the growing demands of our customers, while ensuring the highest safety and quality standards during this pandemic period. Their work is truly remarkable.”

Today, Intel operates six wafer fabrication sites around the world, comprising 4 million square feet of “clean room.” Among the most modern and complex manufacturing operations ever built, these sites complete hundreds of steps to turn raw silicon wafers into discs of hundreds of ”dies,” or individual computer chips. These discs are sent to our four assembly test locations, where the dies are separated, tested and packaged in protective materials so customers can integrate them into their own products.

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