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Infinity Insurance Partners: September 2019 Preferred Business Partner

September’s Preferred Business Partner, Infinity Insurance Partners, exceeds expectations with the service you deserve.

What has your insurance broker done for you lately?

By Jessica Loomis

There is more to insurance than picking a deductible and paying the annual insurance premiums. A broker who does not fully understand a client’s business or lacks knowledge of the industry may fall short in advising on coverage and also create hardship in all areas of the insurance relationship. Carefully selecting an insurance broker is crucial to effectively managing risk in every company.


When was the last time you evaluated your insurance broker relationship?

Here’s a start. Talk to the insurance broker to see what services are available. Most insurance brokers have many tools and resources that are readily available to their clients at no cost. These tools and resources can be very helpful in creating programs necessary to operate the business.

Is the broker bringing added value to the management team? Is the broker creating ways to minimize risk and providing proactive suggestions? The insurance broker should be an extension of the risk management department.

The support staff at the insurance brokerage is crucial to the success of the business. Do you know “your insurance team?” Is the team returning emails and calls promptly? Is the team there to guide you through the process?

As the insurance industry evolves, the service aspect is being outsourced. This has created disruption in service by preventing the local team to make changes to policies, add a vehicle, or issue something as simple as a certificate of liability.

The knowledgeable local independent broker is becoming a thing of the past. When looking for a new insurance broker, hiring a large corporation is not always the best course to take.

What is the timeline on the renewal process?

The renewal process should start at least 90 days prior to your renewal. The organization should be receiving a request from its insurance broker about changes in exposure and scope 90 to 120 days out from renewal.

The reason the renewal process should start 90 days prior to renewal is so that the organization has time to review the insurance options available with the insurance broker. This will allow the organization to make a well-educated decision on what insurance program works best for their needs without feeling rushed to decide.The broker should be shopping for new insurance carriers at least every 3 years in order to get the organization the best rates possible or to negotiate terms with the current carrier. A good question to ask the insurance broker during this process: “How many insurance carriers does the insurance brokerage have access to that will insure the organization’s scope of work?”

If the answer is one or two, the insurance broker may not be a good fit. When we are working with a new client, it has been several years since its broker has shopped the market. On average, we save our new clients 42 percent of their insurance premiums with enhanced coverages.

Is a good insurance broker hard to find?

No, and there are a few ways to identify how responsive a broker will be to the client’s needs. The insurance broker provides a timeline of services that allows it to identify what to expect from the insurance broker throughout the year.

When meeting with the insurance broker, it is interested in learning about the client’s business in order to better understand the risks as well as the exposure involved. The insurance broker educates the client on insurance products and keeps the client informed on changes in coverage or the industry. An insurance broker can be an invaluable part of your management team. When you have that annual meeting with your insurance broker, ask him or her what they have done for your business lately.

For more information, or to obtain a quote, contact:
Jessica Loomis, president of Infinity Insurance Partners: [email protected] or 602.512.1319



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