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Ideas Collide: We believe Black Lives Matter.

Ideas Collide is an organization that, at our core, is focused on creativity, love, and giving. This moment in time is an awakening and moving forward we vow to bring meaningful and impactful change.

Due to racism and police brutality, we mourn the loss of too many Black lives. We denounce racism and organizations or individuals that act with hate and intolerance. We promise to leverage our influence, time, resources, team, and network to change institutions and end systems of oppression.

For 15 years, we have worked towards giving to positive causes that support underserved people in our communities. However, it has not been enough, nor has it always been fully engaged. We are committed to changing that and will embrace this awakening by not standing back just as observers and occasional participants.

Now more than ever, we feel inspired to build solutions that bring about needed change, and we encourage our team, partners, and community to join in our efforts. We are committed to making the necessary changes in our own organization and greater community, and we will put these words into long-term action.

If you are uncomfortable with this statement or approach — this is an invitation for you to engage, listen, share, and participate with us.

Moving forward, we will support and give to these and other social justice organizations.




Ideas Collide is a marketing communications firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded on the idea that creative insight must be coupled with research and analytics to create an effective marketing plan, Ideas Collide specializes in designing fully integrated marketing solutions that deliver high-impact results. The company finds innovative solutions to any communication, interactive or marketing challenge. Their approach is simple – Ideas Collide invents ideas and integrate solutions to create impact. To learn more, visit

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