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GitKon 2022: Tech conference turned TikTok

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GitKraken, the world’s leader in premier Git tools for software developers, has announced that it will be hosting GitKon 2022, a unique TikTok style virtual tech conference, October 11th through October 13th. While the format is radically different, the event will once again be held online, free of charge, making it one of the most accessible educational events for software developers, technical teams, managers, and executives in the world.

Last year’s inaugural GitKon attracted over 4,000 global registrants, featuring 25 sessions on a variety of Git topics presented by experts from GitHub, GitLab, CircleCI, and more.

GitKon 2022 is all about Creating a Collaborative Future, as the theme states, and the GitKraken team says they plan to iterate on the content and format to serve the ever-changing needs, preferences, and interests of its audience.

“GitKon will be a TikTok style format that keeps speakers focused and developers engaged. Time is a developer’s most precious resource. We want to educate and energize, not leave our audience feeling burnt out,” says Dwayne McDaniel, GitKraken Developer Evangelist.

As the pandemic wanes, many events are transitioning back to a paid, in-person format. GitKraken is disrupting the status-quo and staying committed to making GitKon content accessible to a global audience in an easily consumable format, free of charge. Each day will be 3 hours long with 12 sessions lasting 15 minutes each. All sessions will be available on-demand afterward.

“Bellwether Microsoft also piloted a TikTok style format for VS Code Day 2022, and we believe this format will continue to gain traction after GitKon,” says Sara Stamas, VP of Marketing at GitKraken, “with over 1 billion users in 2021, with similar demographics to our audience, we’re taking a note out of TikTok’s playbook.”

The GitKon Call for Speakers is now open. Anyone interested in attending can learn more and register for free at:


About GitKraken: 

GitKraken provides a suite of top-rated Git tools that help millions of developers be more productive each day — and teams around the world collaborate more closely. Our products serve developers wherever they are and wherever they code, whether it’s in their IDE, on their desktop, or in their issue tracking system. More than 10 million developers from 100,000 companies around the world rely on GitKraken’s tools to make Git work for them. More information at


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