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Galvanize Acquires Hack Reactor

It was announced in late July that Galvanize has acquired Hack Reactor, a highly respected operator of immersive coding programs across the country, to create one of the largest independent accelerated learning providers.  

Hack Reactor has immersive programs in software engineering in San Francisco, New York, Austin and Los Angeles.  In the markets where we overlap (SF, NY and Austin), the Hack Reactor program will move into the Galvanize location.   

What Does this Mean for Phoenix?

By early next year, we anticipate adding the Hack Reactor program to the Phoenix Galvanize campus.  The acquisition of Hack Reactor brings additional resources to Galvanize in software engineering and enterprise training, which will enhance what we offer to large organizations in the Phoenix area, and create a greater pool of tech talent in the community.  Our alumni organizations will be merged and the Hack Reactor alums who now reside in Phoenix will be welcomed into the fold.   

You can read the full press release here.

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