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Freepoint Eco-Systems to construct advanced recycling facility in Arizona

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Freepoint Eco-Systems LLC (“Freepoint”) announced the development of a commercial-scale advanced plastics recycling facility located in Eloy, Arizona.

The ISCC Plus Certified facility will recycle end-of-life waste plastic otherwise destined for landfills or incineration. It will span 40 acres of currently undeveloped land and have the capacity to recycle approximately 180,000 tons of waste plastic per year, making it one of the largest advanced recycling facilities in the world.

“The development of our Arizona advanced recycling facility represents an expansion of our advanced recycling footprint in the United States. From construction to the launch of operations, the Arizona facility will positively impact plastic recycling and the local community through job creation and greenhouse gas reduction. We are thrilled to be building a facility in Eloy, Arizona in close coordination with city, county and state representatives,” said Jeff McMahon, Managing Director of Freepoint.

Freepoint uses proven technology to convert waste plastic into feedstock that is used to create new plastic products. The process not only reduces plastic waste, but also decreases drilling for oil, thereby leaving oil in the ground. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of plastic produced as a result of Freepoint’s recycling process will be up to 90% less than the carbon footprint of disposed plastic made directly from fossil fuels. Freepoint’s flagship advanced recycling facility in Hebron, Ohio is currently under construction with commercial operations expected to launch in the second half of 2024.

Freepoint will create 200 construction jobs in Arizona in 2024/25 to build the facility, as well as approximately 100 full-time circular economy jobs once the facility begins commercial operations. The Arizona Commerce Authority recently recognized Freepoint as one of the innovative companies bringing new investments and high quality jobs to Arizona.

“Ultimately, this facility will contribute to the development of a more sustainable circular economy,” added McMahon.

Eloy is pleased to be working with Freepoint on this new project,” said Eloy Mayor Micah Powell. “Sustainable, green jobs will continue to play a vital and growing role in our economy. Freepoint is creating quality jobs for Eloy and area residents while providing a product that will benefit the Eloy economy and the environment.  Our staff has enjoyed working with Freepoint, and we look forward to working closely with the team to get the facility online.”

“Freepoint’s new recycling facility represents a significant win for Pinal County and rural Arizona,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “Freepoint’s advanced recycling facility further positions Arizona as a sustainability leader, creating quality jobs and fueling continued economic growth in Eloy.”

Commercial operation of the Eloy, Arizona facility is expected to begin in the first half of 2026.


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