Tucson Lunch and Learn: Monitor Structural Integrity and Secure Environments with Fiber Optic Sensors


At this Lunch and Learn, you’ll learn how you can use your existing fiber infrastructure with new fiber optic sensing technology to enable passive monitoring of structures and secure environments.  A variety of passive sensors can allow you to monitor structural integrity, temperature and strain conditions, and provide security warning alerts relative to unwanted intrusions and unlawful access to secure environments. 

The ability to multiplex many sensors onto a single fiber channel makes such a system extremely efficient and cost effective while providing real-time information about the state of the environment being monitored.  There are also devices that protect fiber optic infrastructure cabling from being destroyed by impact to enclosures or transition areas.

Who Should Attend:

  • Traffic and transportation system engineers and designers
  • Security consultants and contractors
  • System integrators and distributors of fiber optic sensing products.

About Presenter:

Rodger Shepherd is VP of Advanced Technologies at Cleveland Electric Labs. He oversees several key areas including Test Cell Instrumentation, Thermocouple Manufacturing, Strain Gage Installation, Ground Support Equipment and Tooling, Turbine Engine Component Instrumentation and Fiber Optic Sensing Technology. He also oversees research and new product development for industry and security applications.

Cleveland Electric Labs is a 99-year-old sensor manufacturing company heavily involved in the development and deployment of fiber optic sensing products and systems, along with our turbine engine mechanical instrumentation and industrial thermocouple manufacturing.


Kent Rochford, the CEO of SPIE, will give a Photonics Industry update.


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Cleveland Electric Labs


9040 S. Rita Road, Suite 1270
Tucson , AZ 85747


Arizona Center for Innovation


February 27, 2019


11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


FREE for Council members; $15 for non-members