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Tucson after5 Tech Mixer Presented by OSIRIS-REx


This special event is strictly limited to the first 100 registrants.

OSIRIS-REx seeks answers to the questions that are central to the human experience: Where did we come from? What is our destiny? Asteroids, the leftover debris from the solar system formation process, can answer these questions and teach us about the history of the sun and planets.

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is traveling to Bennu, a carbonaceous asteroid whose regolith may record the earliest history of our solar system. Bennu may contain the molecular precursors to the origin of life and the Earth’s oceans. Bennu is also one of the most potentially hazardous asteroids, as it has a relatively high probability of impacting the Earth late in the 22nd century. OSIRIS-REx will determine Bennu’s physical and chemical properties, which will be critical to know in the event of an impact mitigation mission. Finally, asteroids like Bennu contain natural resources such as water, organics, and precious metals. In the future, these asteroids may one day fuel the exploration of the solar system by robotic and manned spacecraft.

Join the Arizona Technology Council for a once-in-a-lifetime look into the world headquarters of the home of the OSIRIS-REx Mission.

This special event is strictly limited to the first 100 registrants.

The Drake Building is a restricted facility so you will be required to provide additional information when registering for security purposes. Attendees will also be required to show government-issued identification when checking in the day of the event (driver’s licenses are acceptable). NO walk-ins will be allowed. Registration will close when 100 guests register, or on Friday, September 8, 12:00 p.m., whichever comes first.  A waiting list will accept stand-by registrations. All registrants will be contacted one day before the event to confirm attendance, any dropped registrations will be made available to waiting list registrants on a first come, first served basis.


Presented By

The University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory and OSIRIS-REx Mission


1415 N 6th Ave
Tucson , AZ 85705


The Drake Building


September 13, 2017


5:30PM to 7:30PM


AZTC members no-cost; non-members $20


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