The Annual South Tucson Street Festival


The annual South Tucson Street Festival

The event theme: Fiesta- “Unifying the South Tucson Community

South Tucson, Arizona. – (ATO Management) will be presenting South Tucson residents with the annual South Tucson Street Festival because we believe that each of us is a resource to one another.

Event highlights include nearly 12 hours of live entertainment on TWO stages! Plus dozens of vendors, food trucks, a beer & wine garden, children’s play area, international car show, flash performances, , and so much more!

The South Tucson Street Festival is an annual world-class event, vibrant community gathering festival with recreational opportunities where diverse cultures and generations can come together to connect, celebrate, collaborate, and create.  

This year, we are exploring ideas that influence wellness in our daily lives:

  • Art: Activities including music, dance, writing, painting, sculpture and experimenting with various other creative outlets have been shown to reduce stress. This year we will offer opportunities to learn how dabbling in arts activities can improve health.
  • Money and finance:Managing or mishandling money may impact your financial freedom and ability to do what you want. Residents will learn about financial Literacy, health and how good money management can help people follow and live their dreams.
  • Movement:Although exercise and fitness is an important factor in physical well-being – it doesn’t have to feel like work. We will offer opportunities to explore alternative fitness activities including dance, yoga, and music with fitness or cardio routines.

Bringing the community together for pride, heritage, health and wellness

  • Need:Difficulties obtaining healthcare access to treat diabetes and obesity for low-income and Spanish-speaking residents of South Tucson, and all over the Tucson Metropolitan area.
  • Intervention:Resources with several local healthcare facilities which also have wellness programs using bilingual community health workers to provide education and support that improves diets, physical activity, and teaches stress management.
  • Goals:We aim to capture a perfect reflection of the history and present a changing narrative of the city of South Tucson and the people who live and work here. As a destination showcase, the organizers of the South Tucson Street Festival are deeply committed to serving as a steward of the community on behalf of the people of South Tucson and dedicated to promoting the accomplishments and legacy of the city of South Tucson as a thriving, beloved community.


2601 South 3rd Avenue
South Tucson , AZ 85713


Tucson Greyhound Park


September 24, 2022
September 25, 2022


11:00am - 11:00pm


FREE to All