Strategic Financing/Funding and Capital Structures in a Shifting Economic Terrain


Many experts believe that America’s 15+ year run of easy money is over, and we are about to return to historical norms. If that happens, business leaders and boards are going to need to be much more savvy about raising and structuring their capital. In this new world, every leader and executive needs to be more knowledgeable because there’s so much more at stake.

  • Discover the Importance of Capital Management: Learn why effective capital and liquidity oversight is the cornerstone of strategic leadership, ensuring organizational sustainability and growth.
  • Strategize Capital Allocation: Explore effective frameworks for the strategic allocation of capital resources, balancing reinvestment in the business with shareholder value maximization.
  • Explore Diverse Capital Sources: Understand the landscape of capital providers beyond traditional operations, including equity financing, debt instruments, and innovative financing solutions, to best support your strategic objectives.
  • Understand and prepare: Most recently, the connection between Commercial Real Estate and the banking community has created a significant amount of stress for borrowers and lenders, what might the future look like and strategies to help you navigate this environment moving forward as you evaluate future capital needs.
  • Strengthen Board and Executive Partnership: Emphasize the critical collaboration between the Board and executive management in financial strategy and capital management to drive long-term organizational success.

This event is a must-attend for Board members, CEOs, and Executives committed to leading their organizations with foresight, resilience, and strategic acumen. Join us for an enriching session that promises to transform your approach to financing strategies and capital and liquidity management in the face of today’s economic challenges

Presented By

Private Directors Association


6400 E. McDowell Rd, Ste. 100
Scottsdale , AZ 85257


May 23, 2024