Optics Valley Technical Series: Directed Energy Sources for Defense and Industrial Applications



About Our Presenter:

Greg Quarles PhD, CEO of Applied Energetics, leads the company in its development of next generation advanced defense technologies based on ultra-short pulse and laser guided energy. Dr. Quarles, is an experienced CEO, Board Member and renowned physicist with over 30 years of experience driving cutting-edge laser, optics, and photonics technology development and operations within advanced industrial companies. Additionally, Dr. Quarles is a globally recognized leader for his strategic partnerships with the Department of Defense and his innovative work in the progression of global materials research, specifically developing new laser devices for a variety of military, medical, and industrial applications.




Applied Energetics, Inc. is a pioneer in photonic and high-voltage energetics technology and is the exclusive developer of Laser Guided Energy (LGE™) and Laser Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC™) technologies. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, Applied Energetics is a passionate creative team of scientists and engineers who understand the power and limits of physics and put that knowledge to work, providing unprecedented options and capabilities for customers.


Optics Valley, a committee of the Arizona Technology Council, is one of the leading clusters for optics, photonics and astronomy in the world. Optics Valley’s mission is to catalyze, convene and connect optics, photonics, astronomy and the supporting business interests throughout Arizona. 



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September 1, 2021


8:00am - 9:00am MST


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