Navigating the Digital World: Your Digital Footprint, Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship


As soon as you step into the digital world you create a digital footprint. Learn what that means, the information that is stored, how it can be used, how to protect it and how it may affect you.

We’ll answer questions such as: How do we know that the information we share online is ONLY going to the people we want that information to go to? Is information about the texts and emails we send, the money we spend, the videos we watch, and a plethora of other digital information safe from those who might use that information to harm us? These (and many more) questions are tackled in the field of cybersecurity. Building on these questions, we and our students must consider how we navigate a digital world safely and responsibly.

Ethical digital citizenship demands that we empower the next generation of students with a basic understanding of cybersecurity, at both the personal and societal level. Join NextWave STEM as we explore cybersecurity education pathways for educators and students who may be new to the world of teaching and learning cybersecurity.


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May 25, 2021


4pm CST