Lunch and Learn: Migrating to Digital Workflows


Migrating to Digital Workflows: Conquering Challenges for Public Sector and the Legal Community

Organizations are hampered by the inability to move manually intensive, forms based, mistake prone processes online.  Often, the “solution” offered is either a packaged, ERP, CRM, or other costly approach or is IT dependent custom development; all of which take too long to implement, and are very hard and expensive to maintain and change over time. Join the Arizona Technology Council and Kollasoft during an informative educational lunch presentation as we introduce you to a drag and drop, no IT, HTML, cloud based Technology Automation Platform solution that customers have loved deploying and leveraging. Register now


Top 10 Transformative Facts about SaaS Workflow Automation

  1. Saves time
  2. Eliminates errors and delays
  3. Prevents security, governance and compliance risks
  4. Centralizes document management and optimizes platform availability (mobile, tablet, PC)
  5. Requires minimal  IT involvement- in many cases none at all
  6. Rewards collaboration and improves change management cycles
  7. Integrates painlessly with your existing systems and databases
  8. Cost effectively, and automatically, ensures permanent audit trails
  9. Platform, device, and location agnostic
  10. Empowers employees and increases engagement

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Attendees of this lunch and learn will receive an exclusive offer to have an actual form or use case converted to a Digital Workflow.  Evaluate, on real use cases, what your particular workflows look like when converted and imagine how your department or agency will benefit. 

KollaSoft will also evaluate your environment to demonstrate the real value in dollars, time and environmental impact.  There is no cost to this demonstration of value, simply the desire to act.

Who Should Attend? 

  • Agency or Department Directors/Deputy Directors
  • CIOs
  • Managers
  • Anyone responsible for movement of manual processes to online
  • Anyone exploring electronic signatures
  • Anyone looking for alternatives to costly ERP/CRM interfaces where the workflow solution would provide an easier, less expensive front end with highly flexible integration

About Kollasoft

KollaSoft, a Scottsdale based IT consultancy celebrating its 10th Anniversary, providing three primary digital pillars of solutions to Public Sector and Commercial customers:

1. IT Staffing Services

2. Digital Workflows and eSignature Solutions

3. Digital IOT / AI for:

  • Energy savings across the enterprise
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Logistics

About the Presenters

Jim Souder, Director Strategic Solutions – 20+ year IT consultant focused on delivering high value solutions to customers across Public Sector and Commercial verticals. 

Ben Bogan, Solutions Engineer, Ben is a problem solver. He is responsible for building workflows for clients and enjoys creatively solving complex automation challenges. He works closely with clients to make sure that workflows are built quickly and to their satisfaction. When he’s not building workflows, he can be found tinkering with HTML and thinking about ways to provide the best customer experience.

Troy Bare, Vice President, VP of Sales, Troy Bare focuses on helping public sector organizations deploy digital transformation solutions that will improve how they interface with their various constituencies. 


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July 25, 2017




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