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Our Next Interview: Ronnie Lekond and Oscar Garcia

Ronnie Lekond is the proprietor of Lekond and Co. He is a Blockchain expert operating out of Milan, Italy, who mainly focuses on the gradual evolution of Blockchain. Currently, Lekond is figuring out how to make the benefits of Blockchain more accessible to the general public.

Lekond and Co. is a private equity investment and advisory firm specializing in providing services to Blockchain based startups.

Oscar Garcia is the founder and CEO of his company, Uulala. In the past two decades, he has become an expert in technology and web development. He has built several companies from the ground up and sped up the growth of small businesses. Before starting Uulala, he worked with big-name companies like Ford Motors and AT&T, aiding them in their business development efforts.

Uulala is a financial technology company, focused on bringing millions of unbanked users into the formal economy.

Blockchain Weekly runs every Wednesday.

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June 6, 2018