ASU Open Door


ASU Open Door @ Tempe is a rare opportunity to get a behind the scenes look into the spaces that house our most innovative projects, including the Biodesign Institute, ASU Super Computer, Mars Space Flight Facility, ASU Marston Exploratory Theater, and more. ASU Open Door offers you the opportunity to hear firsthand from ASU students and faculty about rare poisonous insects, space exploration, volcanoes, drones and robots, medical breakthroughs and Mayan discoveries. Interactive hands-on activities offer a wide spectrum of sciences, engineering, humanities and the arts.

From ASU Athletics to exploring the art of street-style dance, language lessons, testing your musical talents in the “Instrument Petting Zoo”, to walking in the shoes of a medieval knight or a meteorologist using technology to predict the weather – ASU Open Door @ Tempe is “THE” day to come experience the creative energy that powers a world-class university!

ASU is a foundational partner of the Arizona SciTech Festival and ASU Open Door @ Tempe is a signature event. ASU values interactive learning and the importance of engaging learners; ASU Open Door celebrates that kids today are smart, tech savvy, and more involved in their own educational experiences than ever before!


400 E. Tyler Mall
Tempe , AZ 85281


Arizona State University Tempe Campus


February 25, 2023


1:00 PM to 5:00 PM