Amazon Web Services Academy Cloud Foundations


Want to learn more about the Cloud and how it can enhance your IT knowledge and career? Maricopa Community Colleges has partnered with the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Academy to be the first in the country to offer students an opportunity to gain a real-world understanding of AWS Cloud practices by accredited instructors. Seats are limited and our classes will fill quickly, so register today to secure your spot!

The AWS Cloud program includes two classes (CLD110 and CLD120). CLD110 is a 2-credit class offered in a live online, hybrid, or online format by Mesa Community College and Glendale Community College with all class options beginning on March 23, 2021. Please note that the online “locations” and event times vary.

Live online classes have sessions that meet online on specific days and times. Attendance in these sessions will be at the discretion of the instructor, and additional work will be required on the student’s own time. Access to a computer or mobile device with Internet connection is required.


Virtual , Register to attend


Live online


March 23, 2021
May 14, 2021


Event times for the three different virtual classes vary.


$85 per credit hour for Maricopa County residents