5G & Connectivity Virtual Webinar


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The world is on the precipice of seeing the widespread application of 5G, a technology that will affect our lives more dramatically than any technology shift since the internet. The possibilities with this new technology will no doubt improve the ways internet-connect devices are used, but how will these enhancements impact individual industries directly? What does our overall connectivity future entail?

Join us Thursday, August 13th, at 10:00 AM PST for a discussion with top 5G experts as they explore the current impacts and future projections of 5G. Our panel will cover what industries are seeing as the largest opportunity for 5G innovation, how companies have already adjusted for inevitable 5G modifications, and what the future holds for many industries with this new evolution of technology.

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Topics for Discussion:
• What is all of the hype around 5G?
• How does 5G actually work?
• Is 5G just about the speed? What other benefits will we see?
• 5G is expected to deliver speeds ups to 100 times faster than typical 4G technology. What are the top 3 industries that will see an impact?
• How will 5G impact people’s day to day activities? What will the relationship between 5G and Wi-Fi look like?
• Is 5G just a current phase? Or will it continue to evolve? How so?
• Whether it is my cellular device or Internet connection. Where else can I find 5G?




September 23, 2023
August 13, 2020


10:00AM PST