Please join the Arizona Technology Council for its second annual E-Mobility and Clean Energy Summit on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Get ready to be part of the electrifying energy revolution in Arizona! Our state is on the fast track to becoming a tech powerhouse in e-mobility and clean energy. Join us at our 2nd annual summit as we dive into the future of this booming industry. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with top companies and partners dedicated to shaping a sustainable energy future for Arizona. It’s time to spark change and power up for a brighter tomorrow!


Event Agenda:

12:30 PM | Registration/Networking/Visit Exhibitors

1:00 PM | Opening Remarks

1:20 PM | Panel Discussion | Zero Emission Infrastructure in Arizona

Zero emission vehicles, such as electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable means of transportation. In order for these vehicles to be viable options for consumers, the necessary infrastructure must be in place. This includes charging stations for electric vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations for hydrogen powered vehicles. Our panel will delve into the current state of Arizona in terms of infrastructure for zero emission vehicles. We will hear from representatives from local utilities and government agencies to understand the progress being made in building out this infrastructure. Additionally, we will hear from companies that are actively involved in the development and implementation of these necessary facilities. By discussing the challenges and opportunities in creating a robust infrastructure for zero emission vehicles in Arizona, our panel aims to provide valuable insights into the future of sustainable transportation in the state.

  • Alexia Bednarz, Head of Sustainability, Nikola Corporation
  • Julie Cruz, Transportation Policy Advisor, Arizona Governor’s Office of Resiliency
  • Jon Frey, Head of Product Area New Business – North America, Bosch Rexroth Corporation
  • Nicolas Quinones, EV Strategy Program Manager, SRP
  • Moderator: Tom Schumann, Executive Director, Center For Entrepreneurial Innovation

2:00 PM | Spotlight Presentation | Keeping Pace with Emerging Technology in Fire and Emergency Services – Lithium-Ion Batteries

The Phoenix Fire Department and their regional partners have worked hard to keep pace with the emergence of lithium-ion batteries in our community. This work includes the development of emergency response procedures, fire investigation practices, fire code development, and public education. From an investigation’s perspective, quality data collection drives improved awareness and preparation activities for public safety messaging, firefighter safety, training, and code development. This brief presentation is intended to share what is being done to manage lithium-ion battery fires in the Phoenix area.

  • Tim Kreis, Assistant Fire Chief, Operations Division, City of Phoenix

2:20 PM | Panel Discussion | Innovating CleanTech in Arizona

Arizona’s CleanTech sector is rapidly evolving as startups lead the charge in developing innovative technologies for a sustainable future. This panel focuses on the unique challenges and breakthroughs in the CleanTech space, from renewable energy solutions to advanced environmental technologies. Hear from pioneering entrepreneurs and technologists who are making significant strides in Arizona’s CleanTech landscape, discussing strategies for growth, collaboration, and navigating the market dynamics unique to this burgeoning field. Our distinguished panelists will share insights into the challenges they’ve overcome and the breakthrough technologies they are pioneering.

3:00 PM | Afternoon Break/Visit Exhibitors

3:15 PM | Panel Discussion | Battery Materials in Arizona: From Raw to Recycled

The growing battery manufacturing industry in Arizona is indeed bringing jobs and new companies to the state. This industry requires a supply chain of raw materials such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel, which are essential components in battery production. Additionally, there is a need for a means to handle the batteries once they reach the end of their life cycle, as proper recycling and disposal are crucial for environmental sustainability. Our panel will delve into the current state of the supply and recycling chains for Arizona’s burgeoning battery industry, discussing challenges, opportunities, and potential solutions in this evolving sector.

3:55 PM | Panel Discussion | Startup Innovators: New Advancements and Commercialization in Cleantech

Arizona-based founders developing technologies for the clean energy industry will discuss their entrepreneurial journey including commercializing their technology, obtaining government funding, and tapping into local institutions to equip them with the resources to scale.

4:35 PM | Afternoon Keynote | Governor Katie Hobbs

4:45 PM | Closing remarks

4:50 PM | Social Hour/Networking

6:00 PM | Event Ends


1475 N. Scottsdale Rd., Building 3
Scottsdale , AZ 85257


SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center


June 27, 2024


12:30 PM - 6:00 PM


AZTC Member - $50 | Non AZTC Member $65