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Delta Technology announces partnership with Fuji Robotics

Delta Technology, an integrator and automation expert for complex manufacturing, and Fuji Robotics, a manufacturer of the fastest palletizing robots worldwide, announced its partnership to offer robotic palletizing systems.

The demand for end-of-line automation has been rising recently due to increased labor costs. Companies in various industries nowadays require fast, cost-effective, reliable, and flexible solutions to keep constantly improving.

Robotic Palletizing is used in a wide range of industries like agriculture, food and beverages, powders and bulk solids, milling, etc. If the products come inside a bag, box or pail, they can be easily palletized. This technology is flexible and could be quickly adapted if there are any changes in the production lines, packaging, or palletizing patterns. Since this solution is fully automated, the robots are always reliable and can work 24/7.

The benefits of robotic palletizing for the end of the line, compared to other palletizing solutions, are flexibility, higher outputs, lower energy consumption, and cost savings.

Delta Technology is now offering its customers Fuji robots, as well as the complete solution, integrated into new production lines and existing ones. “Delta Technology is very pleased about the new partnership with the fastest palletizing robots in the world,” said Matt Lanfrankie, Director of Sales at Delta Technology. “This partnership provides us with a valuable new tool to expand Delta’s custom automation solutions to our current and future clients,” he added.

Michael Smilansky, Director of Engineering at Fuji Robotics said, “We at Fuji Robotics value Delta Technology’s experience with vision guided robotics and other various types of automation systems. First joint projects already show that our companies have the same dedication to customer support and creativity in finding the right automation solutions.”



About Delta Technology:
Delta Technology has been the integrator and automation strategic partner of choice for simplifying the most complex manufacturing challenges with robotics, automation and custom solutions since 1997. The company is proud to employ Industry 4.0 methodologies to creatively and expertly design, engineer and build custom industrial automation solutions to solve the most complex manufacturing challenges. Visit to learn how Delta Technology’s creative, out-of-the-box solutions are designed to match your company’s needs and process.


About Fuji Robotics:
Fuji Robotics ( founded in 1944 in Japan, is devoted to the development and manufacturing of robotic palletizing systems. Today, over 15,000 robots have been sold all over the world.

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