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Cyber students set up Basha servers

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University of Advancing Technology (UAT) cyber security students visited Basha High School on Saturday, November 20, 2021, for a community event to help with their servers and equipment for students. 

Aaron Jones, UAT Cyber & Network Security Program Champion, took 14 students to the school in Chandler, Arizona, to assist with putting together servers, installing software/operating devices, and begin the process of networking the devices. The students worked with Basha faculty to get the new system fully up and running! Participating students included (with LinkedIn links if available):

Jarrod Touchton: 

Mathew Quinn: 

Zachary Brown: 

David Lujan

Matthew Reynolds: 

Jonathon Cillian 

Kevin Duong 

Christella Cyprien:  

Allan Wheelock: 

Hunter Autrey:  

Samuel Roethemeyer

Micah Turpin: 

Nicole Lindahl:  

Dakota Engelbeck: 

Basha Project 2

According to Jones, “All of the students had fun and are looking forward to finding more ways to give back to the community!”

Improving quality of life and giving to the community are common themes in our student innovations. In fact, to graduate, students are required to complete and present a Student Innovation Project, or SIP. At UAT, this becomes the leading project in a student’s portfolio when they graduate and enter the workforce. Community projects like these at Basha help give them real-world experience as they study and complete their projects. 

Participating student Matthew Reynolds was excited to take his skills to the school, commenting, “I really enjoyed going out to help Basha High School. Not only did I get to meet a ton of cool people who were into the same stuff as me, but we also got to give back to the community and help out—which was a really good feeling!” 

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Basha Project 3


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